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Colombia - Adriano Pillimue

Colombia - Adriano Pillimue

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Tasting Notes

Apple, blackberry, orange with caramel and candied almonds

Cupping score - 86

Bean - Caturra

Altitude - 1900m


Behind the Beans

Adriano Pillimue - La Siberia

Adriano Pillimue is a 41 year old coffee grower located in the municipality of Ulchur, in the department of Cauca. His farm, La Siberia, is located in the vereda (village) of El Cabuyo at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level.

The 1 hectare farm consists of 5,000 Caturra variety coffee trees and produces approximately 3,000 kg of coffee cherries per year. Adriano employs a fully washed process with a 36 hour fermentation time. The parchments are dried using parabolic dryers.

Other than coffee, Adriano does not grow any additional crops on his land. He has been growing coffee for 18 years and has been a member of the local growers association Asorcafe for the past 16 years.

Asorcafe was founded on July 11, 2003. It currently has 290 associates. Its headquarters are in Pedregal, a village in the municipality of Inza, where the quality laboratory is located and a special storage place to collect high quality coffees. We are small producers, the average area per producer is 1.8 to 2 hectares of coffee. The plantations are anywhere from 1500 to 2100 meters above sea level; Caturro varieties, typical bourbon, pink bourbon, tabi, Colombia variety, and castillo. They make a fully washed process, from picking the ripe beans, then fermenting it for around 20-40 hours, then washing and sun drying it. A few producers are also starting honey and natural processes.


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Wendy S

Great tasting coffee, well packed. Thank you