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Today I was out on deliveries, up to Stornoway to drop Wild Eve at HS1, adding to Artizan and the Island Spirit Whisky Shop as Stornoway stockists. It’s quite a drive from South Harris round all the bays and up over the mountains, but it’s a staggeringly beautiful journey especially in Winter. The days are shortening now, the slide towards the equinox feels to be gathering pace, the shadows are long and, on days like today, the light is extraordinary. I’ve never lived anywhere where the sun breaks through thick dark cloud with a light so yellow it is arresting. There is no option but to stop and admire it. It gives the landscape an almost cinematic texture.

Meantime down in Harris we’re right in the middle of building the Keder Greenhouse – Colin and Lesley arrived from Worcestershire to bright days, little wind and light rain. We were all amazed. It allowed the main structure to go up quickly with Matt, Shona and Julian working alongside Colin. By Monday the weather will be wilder so we’ll see how progress goes.

greenhouse build

The greenhouse is pivotal to Wild Eve production – we understand that wild harvesting sustainably is not an issue, but how much better to grow as much as we can to protect this fragile ecosystem. The Keder is 20m x 4m with a further 4m width of additional growing space in the form of outriggers and a 4m additional porch at the front so the door doesn’t blow off in the wind. The design is ingenious, the outriggers take the brunt of the wind allowing it to be deflected over the top.

 Matt and I have been poring over seed catalogues, so many options to make a lush and productive space. We plan to offer Wild Eve tours in 2022 with time in the greenhouse and on the machair and some pretty delicious cocktails to make. I love the idea of taking people on a journey into our ingredients and working on some new and innovative serves in the company of Wild Eve drinkers. More on that later…

 We are also delighted to have been invited into the Polizzi Collection of hotels – these are absolute gems. They have made a ‘Naked Eve’ AF cocktail which is delicious. The Star in Alfriston is already serving it and it will soon follow at the Endsleigh and the Tresanton.

Wild `Eve

 We have some very exciting news re stockists from January – several wonderful Michelin starred restaurants and hotels. We’ll reveal all next month as they go onto the menus.

 It’s hard to describe how heartening it is to be making Wild Eve up on this little island and see it being sent all over the place and stocked in some incredible places. We are so very grateful for all your support and the kind comments you leave for us – it’s so lovely that a drink without a drop of alcohol can make such an impact

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