Mission Statement

 At A.S Apothecary, we are a crofting enterprise based in the Isle of Harris. Our work is deeply rooted in the ethos of therapeutic plant work. Both Wild Eve and AS Apothecary, having grown organically from our plant work, share a mission that extends beyond creating beautiful and effective products; they encompass a holistic approach to nature, sustainability, and community.

 meadowsweet on machair 

Social Mission

 A.S Apothecary values the well-being and empowerment of our employees, local communities, and customers. We strive to create a positive impact by providing fair and ethical working conditions for our staff. We foster a supportive work environment that encourages personal growth, skill development, and creativity.

A.S Apothecary also actively engages with the local community, collaborating with other artisans and farmers, and supporting initiatives that promote sustainable practices and social improvement

Environmental Mission

A.S Apothecary is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. We embrace organic and regenerative farming practices, cultivating a diverse range of therapeutic plants on our croft in Harris. By growing our plants organically, we minimise the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring that our ingredients are free from pollutants and safe for consumption.


We also practice responsible wild harvesting, taking care to preserve the natural habitat and biodiversity of our surroundings. Whether in our use of Sugar Kelp from the crystal-clear seas or Bogbean from local lochs, we consistently demonstrate our dedication to responsibly sourcing ingredients from our pristine environment.

   Market Mission

 A.S Apothecary market mission is to provide high-quality, handcrafted products that offer both therapeutic benefits and a connection to nature. By producing in small batches, we ensure attention to detail and maintain the integrity of our ingredients. A.S Apothecary's focus on plant-based formulations reflects our belief in the efficacy and sustainability of botanicals.

Our products are carefully crafted using distillation, tincturing, and wild crafting techniques that maximise the plant's potential. Through our offerings, A.S Apothecary aims to inspire individuals to embrace a degrowth and sustainable approach to consumption, fostering a deeper connection with the healing power of plants and respect for our environment.  

A.S Apothecary ethos encompasses a social commitment to its employees and local communities, an environmental dedication to sustainable practices and responsible sourcing, and a market mission of providing effective, handcrafted products rooted in the therapeutic power of plants. We follow the Living Wage Foundation guidance, we have a ‘flat’ company hierarchy and encourage flexible working.

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