Collection: Graceful Ageing

Loving the skin we have is especially important as we mature, the emphasis really needs to be on encouraging a strong dermal matrix, supporting collagen production and ensuring that the skin is well hydrated. All of this leads to beautiful, glowing, skin. It doesn't need aggressive treatments, it needs really good quality, potent plant extracts. Oil needs to play a significant part in any ritual and taking time to massage the products into the skin really helps. Start with an oil based cleanser, the Harmonising Cleansing Balm is a beauty, or Cleansing Oil #5 or for a lighter but equally effective cleanse, the Cleansing Multi Mask is a gorgeous choice. Follow with a Mist - the Isle Mist is particularly suitable with the added remedies, Bush and Findhorn Essences for confidence and strength. Finish with either a Balm, a Cream or at night the Serum for a really all encompassing skincare regime.