Collection: Menopause

At times of hormonal shift, the skin can change radically. Old favourite regimes can stop working as the skin becomes more sensitive and reactive. Gentle and nourishing treatment is especially important.

In the morning, apply the Cleansing Mask to the skin and leave it on whilst you shower, rinsing it off at the end. This quickly cleanses the skin but also offers it a plethora of nourishing ingredients.

Then spritz in arcs with Rose Aromatic Water for its cooling and repairing properties.

Apply a small amount of Unblushing Cream for an intense moisturise with an oat and wildflower soothing, infused cream.

Finally spritz with the Isle Mist to cool the skin and bring a sense of calm, protection and strength before heading out into the world.

In the evening, cleanse with the Cleansing oil #5 by applying a warm cloth to the skin to open the pores, then just a few drops of the oil to lightly cover the face and decolletage before rinsing off.

Spritz in rainbow arcs to drench the skin with Rose Aromatic Water and finally apply either a thin layer of Wild Beauty Balm to feed and nourish the skin overnight or Facial Serum #3 for its trio of skin enhancing resins.