Amanda - Founder

Amanda is the founder, plantswoman and gatherer, distiller and creative force behind A.S Apothecary.

Amanda walking on the salt plain

Alexander - Operations Manager

Alexander keeps us joyfully organised and deals with dispatch and sales.

Alexander picking gorse

Caroline - Production Manager

Caroline is our very talented maker of all things A.S Apothecary.

Caroline picking Hawthorn

Connie - Sales and Coffee Shop

Connie manages our ongoing relationships with the on-trade and she manages our little coffee shop


Matt - Gardener

Matt has been with us from the start as our intrepid forager and keeper of the Croft

Matt picking sweet peas in the greenhouse


Stevie - Specialist Coffee Roaster

Stevie is our Good Food Awarded coffee roaster and he is worth his weight in gold.

Stevie in the coffee Roaster