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Apothecary shop on the Isle of Harris

Natural, Organic Plant Therapy for Skin and Spirit

 At A.S Apothecary we create pro-ageing potent, effective, plant therapy for skin and spirit.

We understand that the products we make can only be as good as the plants that go into them, so we are committed to regenerative farming practices on our windswept island home. We organically grow or wild-harvest flowers, bark, leaves, roots, blossom, and seaweed to craft natural scents, masks, creams, mists, and balms.

Ours is truly a sustainable seed to serum ethos for healthy, vibrant skin.

Our process is slow, deliberate, and meditative. We draw inspiration and ingredients from this pristine landscape on the Isle of Harris. Every pot carries something transformative, a vitality that comes from working in harmony with the seasons and this unique terroir.

Our tradition is a powerful alchemy of intuition passed down through generations of healers from woman to woman all understanding the regenerative effects of plants on skin and spirit. Each small pot carries the vitality and essence of a specific harvest, a unique moment captured in time, a powerful treatment for the skin.

We believe in the inter-connectedness of all living beings and strive to nurture this connection through our products. Our hope is that AS Apothecary's creations serve as gentle catalysts for reconnection with our own nature and the natural world around us.

Beaverbrook Spa

We have long supplied Beaverbrook Spa who have devised a fantastic treatment The Medow Facial

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