The Croft

In this remote corner of the world, the A.S Apothecary team proves that small-scale endeavours can have a profound impact.

We approach the plants we use with the lightest touch and the greatest respect, they are so much more than just an ingredient. The beauty of being a crofter is the ability to select for small scale production. We can choose varieties that are not considered commercially viable, but which are viable for us.  It allows us to look at each flower and choose only the ones that are entirely ready for picking. It's rather like running a vineyard but only taking the few perfect grapes from each bunch. This approach to production imbues each little pot with the love, care and attention few cosmetics receive.

Working outside on the croft can be challenging with wind an ever present companion and, during the storms, salt spray burns the tender leaves, but on a fine day there is nowhere lovelier. We work with a view of the sea lagoon in front of us, the open sea behind us and Ceapabhal hill that dominates Northton to the side. It is a magical place.

amanda on the croft

Our plants grow on our island home with virtually no pollution and long, light summer days, they are nourished with local seaweed and homemade compost to keep them healthy. Our chickens wander through the beds enjoying the slugs and snails. It is a gentle, low impact approach to farming.

In a world grappling with the impact of the climate crisis, the small scale production we embrace on the croft offers a glimmer of hope, a way of working differently. Here, we're not interested in relentless expansion but in nurturing a delicate equilibrium with nature.

Through A.S Apothecary, we trying to encourage conscious consumer practices, where products embody sustainability and respect for our small scale resources. In this remote corner of the world, the A.S. Apothecary team proves that small-scale endeavours can have a profound impact.

With our joyful creations, we hope every one of our products becomes a connection to this magical island, a reminder of the power of conscious choices and collective support for a sustainable future.

In this age of uncertainty, A.S Apothecary croft tries to offer a concrete alternative —a reminder that true prosperity lies in coexistence, respect for the earth, and a reconnection with the turning of the seasons.

Picking Clover

Here we are taking advantage of the good weather in Harris so we dashed outside to pick Clover which features in our Wild Flower Tea

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