About our Coffee

We specialise in small batch, top quality, speciality coffee beans. We buy mostly from women’s co-operatives across the coffee belt ensuring that our suppliers meet the highest standards of work welfare.

As growers ourselves in a demanding climate, we, perhaps more than many understand the challenges faced by small scale farmers dependent on their crop. We also appreciate that, like us, the quality of their product is critical. So we choose our coffee beans with the same care that we approach all our other work and having sourced them, we roast them to get the very best flavour from them, as we do with every ingredient we use.

Coffee roasting may seem a strange choice for us, but actually it’s just another facet of our plant work. Coffee after all is a fresh fruit. We roast the beans, the chaff from the roasting makes for great bedding for our hens, the left over coffee is ground and used in our Soap or as a deterrant for slugs in the greenhouse. Nothing is wasted, it all enters the cycle of our work in Harris for the benefit of people, plants (and hens)

Perfume Theory

Our award winning Seasonal Espresso is created using perfume theory to make a rich, smooth, multi layered, complex taste. Citrus top notes, a floral and fruity heart and a chocolatey, nutty base.
Delicious with and without milk.

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