About Us



“At the root of A.S Apothecary is the desire to live harmoniously. Every product is a gentle catalyst for reconnection with ourselves, our community, and our environment."

Founder Amanda Saurin

Welcome to A.S Apothecary

We are on a journey of reconnection with nature, sustainability, and holistic well-being. As a small holding croft, we take pride in cultivating the finest therapeutic plants and harnessing their transformative qualities to create our unique skincare, supportive tinctures, teas and our non-alcoholic wellness spirit.

AS Apothecary Skincare is where we began, gradually developing our creative and therapeutic work into Wild Eve, Teas, Tinctures and Coffee. They have become the foundation of the Apothecary where wellness for both body and mind is our intention. Rooted in the ethos of therapeutic plant work, we aim for more than just beautiful products.


We value the well-being of our employees, local communities, and customers. A supportive work environment encourages growth and creativity, while collaborations with artisans and other crofters improve our community. We organise education and training for friends, volunteers and visitors alike.


We are committed to stewardship and sustainability. Organic and regenerative farming practices ensure pure, pollutant-free ingredients, and responsible wild harvesting preserves the natural balance of our surroundings.


We produce handcrafted products that harness the healing power of plants. Small-batch production allows us to maintain quality and integrity. Our offerings aim to inspire a deeper connection with nature and a more mindful approach to consumption.