Wild Foraging

The Isle of Harris offers a unique opportunity for wild foraging, without concern for pollutants or environmental toxins. The practice of gathering wild plants both for food and medicinally is time-honoured. It has been an essential part of daily living for generations and it is heartening to see a resurgence of interest in our wild larder.

At A.S Apothecary, we take pride in practicing sustainable, responsible wild foraging, ensuring that we tread lightly on the land, respect the seasonality of the plants, foster community collaboration, and prioritise regrowth to preserve this fragile island ecology.


Treading Lightly

Respecting the local environment is at the heart of our wild foraging ethos. We explore the mountains, machair meadows and sea with a light footprint, avoiding any harm to the delicate ecosystems that prevail here. Through our expert guidance we teach friends and visitors how to identify edible and medicinal plants responsibly and with care, ensuring that we leave no trace behind. By preserving the natural habitats and respecting the wildlife, we contribute to the island's long-term ecological balance.

Embracing Seasonality

Seasons on the Isle of Harris are fluid - we can and often do experience all 4 seasons in a day, which significantly affects our wild foraging. We celebrate the ever-changing seasons, each with its own particular challenges. In Spring we concentrate on the leaves - Hawthorn, Nettles, Cleavers and other strongly supportive plants, through to Summer flowers with Roses, Calendula and Chamomile predominating, Autumn berries, hips and haws and finally into Winter roots. By foraging in sync with nature's rhythms, we not only enjoy the freshest, most potent plants but also allow plant populations to replenish naturally.

Cultivating Regrowth

Sustainability means giving back as much as we take. At our croft, we focus on regrowth and regeneration. We meticulously monitor the areas where we forage, ensuring that we allow plants to propagate and flourish naturally. Our small batch production ensures that we never deplete the resources beyond their capacity for renewal. By nurturing regrowth, we secure a sustainable future for wild foraging and maintain the ecological harmony of the Isle of Harris.

Isle of Harris machair

Nurturing Community

In this island community, collaboration is key. Our wild foraging fosters a sense of togetherness, where friends, volunteers and visitors alike come together to explore the landscape and share their knowledge. We encourage sustainable practices amongst all enthusiasts, supporting a community that cherishes and protects the natural resources that make Harris so special.