The Greenhouse

Beyond being a space of cultivation, our greenhouse is a community hub. We believe in sharing knowledge and fostering a spirit of collaboration among locals and visitors alike. Through workshops, educational sessions, and hands-on experiences, we gently reconnect people to the joy of plant work and the sense of connection to the land. It's a magical space.

Flowers in the greenhouse

In the midst of the wild beauty of the Isle of Harris, we've created a sanctuary of vitality and colour - A.S Apothecary's magnificent greenhouse.

Within the greenhouse, every plant is nurtured to ensure they are at their therapeutic best when we harvest them. Shielded from the island's tempestuous winds and dramatic storms, the greenhouse is a haven for us and our plants. 

Growing everything organically, we feed our plants with seaweed gathered from the beach and Comfrey grown on the croft, we top up the beds with soil from our compost made from spent plant matter. The greenhouse is the essence of sustainable growing practice and therapeutic plant work.