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Hydrating Isle Mist

Hydrating Isle Mist

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Our Hydrating Isle Mist, with confidence boosting flower essences, drenches the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling calmed and cool.

  • Blackcurrant leaf extract for a vitamin C boost, anthocyanins to protect from UV
  • Meadowsweet to reduce redness and evens out skin texture
  • Findhorn and Bush Flower Essences to offer protection and confidence


We wanted to bring the therapeutics from every part of our island into one single product and enhance its beneficial effects on the mind by incorporating Bush and Findhorn Flower Essences. Thus the Isle Mist was made. Created from separate distillations in our copper Alembic Still, individually bringing together the plants from mountain, machair, moor, croft and sea, it is a really potent plant hydrosol. From Vitamin C to anti-oxidants, phenolic compounds to emollients, flavinoids to anti-inflammatories, this Mist is designed to be calming, cooling and to harmonise skin texture, protecting from UV stress, maintaining skin integrity and profoundly hydrating. Added to that the Flower Essences can boost feelings of confidence and self worth offering comfort and strength to face the day.

How to use

Simply cleanse with either the Cleansing Balm or the Multi-Mask and then drench the skin with arc sprays of Isle Mist and, whilst still damp on the skin, apply the Timeless Beauty Serum to enhance hydration, brighten, plump and rejuvenate skin.

Ingredients: Picea Mariana Leaf Water, Fucus Serratus Water, Malus Domestica Fruit Water, Rosa Rugosa Petal Water, Myrica Gale Leaf Water, Spriaea Ulmaria Flower Water, Fringed Violet Bush Flower Essence, Confid Bush Flower Essence, Findhorn Essence Energy Shield.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Catherine F

This mist is absolutely gorgeous! Refreshing and restorative - leaves your skin feeling settled and calm. Best facial mist I have ever used. Magical ingredients! Will definitely buy again.

Natasha R

Unapologetically of the environment it came from. Love