Collection: Congested Skin Ritual

Skin which is oily can easily become congested, meaning it needs particularly gentle treatment. The inclination to strip the skin with aggressive foaming cleansers can be tempting but it significantly affects the skin's micro-biome making breakouts more not less likely.

The trick is to balance the skin which can take a little time. The Cleansing ritual we suggest is oil based. Start with the Harmonising Cleansing Balm which, with its oil to milk formulation, rinses off easily but leaves the benefits of the oils on the skin. 

Follow with a drenching of the Geranium Cleansing Water which is brilliant to balance the skin's natural secretions and the added Witchazel treats breakouts.  

To moisturise, the Blemish Resolve Cream is a beauty, apply it to skin still damp from the spritz to reduce pore size, balance oil production and treat inflammation.

Finish with a spritz of Isle Mist and feel the protective boost of the remedies and essences.

In the evening, cleanse with the Cleansing Mask, applying it direct to the skin and rinsing off moments later. If you're wearing makeup, a double cleanse might be needed.  The soft texture feels so lovely on the skin.

Drench the skin once again in the Geranium Cleansing Water and finally apply a few drops of the Timeless Beauty Serum for a retinol rich plant treatment to clear clogged pores, balance oil production and restore radiance.

Use the Cleansing Mask as a mask 2 -3 times a week leaving it for around 10 - 15 minutes. It won't go hard like a clay mask but instead it will infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals to make it stronger and healthier.