Collection: Dryness & Dehydration

Living in the Outer Hebrides with a wind that can literally knock you off your feet, on a peninsular with a lagoon in front and the open Atlantic behind, dryness and dehydration are my constant companions. For those living in less wild places, the effects of central heating and air conditioning, pollution and environmental stress can all contribute to dry, dehydrated skin. The solution is threefold, rehydrate within, with water and herbal teas, ensure that you're consuming enough essential fatty acids and moisturise thoroughly. Create a ritual where the skin is cleansed with an oil based product - our Cleansing Oil #5 is a beauty, spritz with the Isle Mist and whilst your skin is still damp apply Face Cream #3 or the Wild Beauty Balm for a more intense treatment. In the evening after cleansing and spritzing apply the Timeless Beauty Serum to enhance hydration and reduce trans dermal water loss.