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Peru - Roger Chilcon Flores

Peru - Roger Chilcon Flores

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Tasting Notes

Floral, star fruit, beautiful sweetness, lychee, raisin flavours

Cupping score - 87+

Bean - Caturra

Altitude - 1800m


Behind the Beans

Producer Eli Chilcon has been working with specialty coffee for over 10 years. He and his wife live and work on the farm La Montana, a small-medium sized plot with 4 hectares of growing area that produces Caturra only. During the harvest months of July to October, Eli hires the help of an additional 8 staff.

The farm is very high up at 1800 masl and it is becoming clearer that climate change and fluctuating temperatures are producing problems for plots at this altitude. Droughts are becoming more frequent so one of the key ways to help mitigate risks from climate has been the installation of shade trees around the growing areas as well as effective irrigation building and effective fertiliser dispersal to maintain soil health.

Once the coffee is picked, washed and pulped it undergoes fermentation for 48 hours, after which the coffee is washed again, and air dried in solar tents for 14 days.

Once ready the coffee is taken to Falcon’s warehouse in Jaen where it is assessed for quality. At this stage a price is agreed for the coffee depending on its perceived cup score. Prices are set according to lot quality and Falcon aims to pay 30% above the local price as this quality bonus will have a huge impact on the farmer’s livelihood, and that of their family. Finally, the coffee is transported to a plant called Café Selva Norte SAC and checked for any defects before being bagged and moved to the coast for shipping.


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